The Peder Lykke Centre​'s Compass of Diversity

During the work on diversity, we have gained valuable knowledge. We have learned a lot from the theoretical courses and even more from the practical experiences. Therefore, we have created 11 sentences in which we pass on our experiences.

​1. Always challenge your assumptions by being curious about the citizen’s lifeworld.

2. Make sure that intercultural knowledge is part of your professional standards. Seek out intercultural knowledge and make use of it.

3. When different ethnicities, languages and traditions meet, the risk of misunderstandings increases. Pay attention to whether you and the citizen share the same understanding of the situation and be aware of implicit understandings.

4. Be yourself and be honest about any uncertainties that you may have about the citizen’s cultural lifeworld.

5. Create a safe environment that will promote the creation of culturally diverse relationships.

6. When facing linguistic challenges and communicative difficulties, it is useful to have fixed routines and a permanent contact person.

7. Remember that the diversity of the citizens is based on other factors than ethnicity and religion.

8. Give up your culturally rooted taboos and ask difficult questions.

9. Stand by your professional expertise while staying humble and appreciative of the citizens’ and their relatives’ cultural lifeworlds.

10. Pay attention to recognisability: seeing ourselves reflected in other people creates a sense of security - especially for minorities.

11. We all have prejudices – including you. We must face them and seek to overcome them.


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